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Join us for the 2011-2012 Duck Hunting Season

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Join us for the 2011-2012 Duck Hunting Season!

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What makes the Blind at Phillippy the BEST duck hunting destination in West Tennessee?

Location, Location, Location.

- 170 acres of privately owned land for your hunting pleasure

- Perfectly situated on the Mississippi Flyway -
Just 1 mile west of Reelfoot Lake and only 3 miles east of the Mississippi River.
- The private land is surrounded by both State and National Wildlife Refuge areas.
Long Point National Wildlife Refuge is less than 1 mile to the north of the private land. The Black Bayou Refuge provides two borders to this private land. This area is also home to the Reelfoot Lake National Wildlife Refuge, a 10,000 acre refuge that is a destination for migrating waterfowl. The Blind at Phillipppy is located in the middle of an area that is naturally a major stopover and wintering ground for migratory waterfowl. Historically, the National Wildlife Resources agency estimates that Wintering concentrations of mallards may exceed 400,000 birds, and during extreme winters, concentrations of Canada geese may exceed 100,000 on the Refuge.

- Abundant Food Source

- Parts of the Refuge Lands are managed under cooperative farming agreements providing winter food for the refuge’s resident wildlife species as well as wintering waterfowl
- Throughout the year, Roberson Brothers plants millet, soybeans and sunflower seeds on their private land. Then each fall the farm land is flooded leaving behind open water and food sources to attract waterfowl.

- Constant source of Open Water no matter how cold it gets

- The land around the blind is flooded annually with well water. The well water is pumped all winter to ensure that the water never freezes over
- Ice Eaters are also used all season long